About the Book

Katie is not a little girl anymore—she is six years old! But some mean girls at school still tease her about her chipped baby tooth. Katie seeks advice from her grandma, who will tell her a hilarious story that encourages her to use humor instead of anger or sadness to solve her problems. Join Katie and Grandma for a touching, funny, and inspiring story about When Grandma’s False Teeth Fly.



Spanish Version!
Cuando los Dientes Postizos de Abuelita Vuelan

Katie ya no es una niña pequeñita- ya tiene seis años de edad! Pero unas niñas malas se burlaban de ella porque le falta un pedacito de su diente de leche. Katie le pide a su abuelita que la aconseje, y su abuelita le relata un cuento gracioso que la anima a utilizar su sentido del humor en vez de enojarse o entristecerse para resolver sus problemas. Unete a Katie y Abuelita en un cuento conmovedor, divertido, e inspirador sobre…Cuando los Dientes Postizos de Abuelita Vuelan

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A winner in the Children’s Fiction Category of the 73rd Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition, ‘My Air Force Mom’ is unique. This picture book explores customs and courtesies of military culture through a child’s eyes. Author Mary Lee takes your child along with her fictional character Susie on a journey of discovery. From military uniforms through a military child’s ‘rite of passage’ full circle to Susie’s development of a sense of pride and patriotism in our country. ‘My Air Force Mom’ shows children that the military offers careers to women as well as men. It gives military moms and dads a book to help their young children begin to understand military life. ‘My Air Force Mom’ gives civilian parents a tool to explain mysteries of military life to their children. Answers to a child’s curiosity are found in ‘My Air Force Mom.’